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Develop yourself in the city of Växjö

Over 600 of information technology companies are headquartered in Växjö, making it the second largest IT city in Sweden. The companies are growing rapidly, and so is the need of qualified professionals.

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The same applies to the city itself. Växjö has had a continuous expansive development for several years and construction sites can be seen practically everywhere. Even so the nature is close with lakes, forests and beautiful meadows and it´s definitely possible to live in a cottage surrounded by fir trees and only have half an hour to work in the city.

The good life

Växjö is a gourmet city which attracts food lovers from far away. Restaurant PM & Vänner has a star in Guide Michelin and several others have earned national acclaim. The cafes are numerous and many offers the traditional Swedish “fika”.

Since the Middle Ages Växjö has been a center of trade and today you can find shops and malls both in the city center as well as in the outskirts. And every Wednesday and Saturday you can buy vegetables and flowers from the farmer´s market in the city square.

The name Växjö means the lake where the roads meet, and one of the most notably characteristics is the city´s location between several lakes of which one is very close to city center. This means plenty of opportunities for water sports, walks and hikes.

Växjö is a city of sport with top teams in ice hockey, soft ball and football. All of them with brand new arenas. It is also the capitol of the Kingdom of Crystal. The Swedish Glass Museum has one of the largest and most extensive collections in Europe, which includes around 40,000 items of glassware, dating from the 1580s up to the present day. And last, but not least, Växjö has its own theatre company, a classical orchestra and several venues for entertainment.

Living with kids

Växjö is one of Sweden´s oldest seat of learning and have a wide selection of schools from kindergarten to university. There´s also a lot of recreational activities including different sports, aqualand and skate park; music, theatre and a children’s library.